Ten year old Abigail has written to the North Pole and asked for something very special this year - something she has kept secret from her mother. On Christmas Eve while her Mother sleeps, Abigail hides in her living room waiting to make sure that Santa delivers the right goods. But when Abigail sees that he hasn't included her special "gift", she pulls the trigger and activates her back-up plan with an elaborate set of booby traps, Abigail captures captures St. Nick himself! Will she get what she wants or will Christmas be ruined with Santa held captive? This hilarious and heartwarming story reveals that a little bit of hope, determination and some Christmas magic can make everyone's wishes come true.

Release Date: 1 December 2012 (USA)
Genre: Family
Director: Jason Hewitt
Starring: Denise Boutte, Brianna Dufrene and Lily Solange Hewitt

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